The Future of Fulton; What's Next?

planning & visioning workshops

The Fulton Economic Development & Community Reentry Center
A new model for community-based reentry in the Bronx

In 2011, Governor Cuomo and the State of New York Department of Corrections closed the Fulton Correctional Facility located in the Claremont neighborhood of the South Bronx.  After nearly for decades as a correctional facility, this building will be transformed into the Fulton Economic Development and Community Reentry Center.  It will be developed by the Osborne Association, a Bronx-based organization providing programming and support for justice-involved individuals and families, facilitating opportunities through education, advocacy, and alternatives to incarceration. In co-locating services, training and employment opportunities at the neighborhood level, this innovative model is designed to support the needs of justice involved individuals in the Bronx while becoming an economic engine in the community.  

In collaboration with our friends at TYTHEdesign, we designed and facilitated a series of seven participatory planning workshops engaging policy makers, service providers, justice involved individuals and families and the Bronx public in the discussion about the Future of Fulton.  Engaging more than 500 individuals in the process designed to explore the priorities, concerns, challenges and opportunities in the Bronx reentry community and the potential for this project to become a new model for community engagement in for community reentry in the South Bronx.