We guide clients through the complex development process to create supportive housing opportunities for the homeless, disabled, low-income seniors and other vulnerable populations


Identifying the right development opportunity can be extremely challenging in an environment of ever rising land costs and scarce affordable housing resources. We work with clients to determine feasibility of a property for special needs housing development.  The analysis considers the owner’s development goals, the range of development options and specific site conditions such as zoning, land use, neighborhood context, and current policy and funding priorities.  

Financing Strategy & Procurement 

The new generation of special needs housing development involves complex financing models that involve many private and public sector partners.  We work with clients to create a financing strategy to minimize risk, maximize available subsides and ensure the long term sustainability of the building. Our expertise includes state and federal low-income housing tax credits, municipal bond financing, tax exemptions and public subsidies including NYS Medicaid redesign (MRT), HPD/HDC programs, NY/NY IV service and Project based Section 8 subsidies. 

Development Team Vetting & Selection 

The most successful projects are developed with a highly collaborative and creative team that can navigate both the complexities of the development process and the integrated needs of tenants and service providers in special needs housing. We manage vetting and selection of the development team including architectural design, financing partners, general contractor, construction management and property management teams. 

Design Phase Management 

Good design is central to the success of special needs housing, weather residents are living with physical or mental disabilities, or the gradual physical limitations that come with ageing. We work with the design team to incorporate best practices in small space apartment design and efficient building planning to include common spaces and areas for on-site service delivery. Special needs housing sponsors have a particular need for cost savings both in construction and over the life of the building. We strive for maximum efficiency in design and use of energy efficient building systems that reduce operating costs in the long run. As the building residents and staff have the most at stake in the final design of the building our team offers participatory workshops and design charrettes to engage directly with future tenants and staff on the needs, priorities and vision for the project. 

Construction Requisition Management 

Once construction of the building is underway our team tracks progress, participating in regular site meetings. We manage the payment requisition process with public and private financing partners and facilitate timely processing throughout the construction process.  

Supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals and families in Brooklyn, New York

Supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals and families in Brooklyn, New York