Affordable housing policy and planning expertise for developers and advocates seeking equitable housing solutions in their communities


Policy & Planning Studies

Affordable housing planning and policy in New York City and State is a vast and complex system. There area myriad of policy, zoning, land use and financial concerns at play that impact conditions in existing housing stock and possibilities for new development. For special needs housing, the landscape is even more complicated as it involves health, mental health and disability issues in addition to housing.  We work with clients to demystify this landscape through comprehensive planning and policy studies,  incorporating geo-spatial analysis and mapping.  Our work is used to guide a client's policy position, advocacy agenda and development planning. 


Paving The Way For Affordable Senior Housing in New York

Prepared for with Live On NY, a New York City based senior advocacy organization, Paving the Way for Affordable Senior Housing in New York City the first comprehensive analysis and site selection survey portfolio of HUD-sponsored (US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development) senior housing in New York City. The survey analyzes the 277 buildings and 191 accessory parking lots across the city, selecting 39 individual sites that are feasible for new affordable senior housing.  

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Selected sites feasible for new senior housing development in New York City.

Selected sites feasible for new senior housing development in New York City.